Saturday 6th Mar 2021
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Home Minister Imran Abdullah

Imran Runs for AP Presidency Unopposed

Imran Abdullah, the Minister of Home Affairs, will run for the presidency of the Adhaalath Party. The Adhaalath Party is part of the ruling coalition.
In a tweet he posted, Minister Imran said that he planned to run for the post of President of the Adhaalath Party for the next five-year term. He said that he made this decision because many people within the party believed that the Adhaalath Party needed Imran's strong leadership for the Adhaalath Party during these turbulent times for the country.
Minister Imran has been serving as the President of the Adhaalath Party for several years, and he currently holds this position without having been elected to it in the previous term.
It is noteworthy that the Adhaalath Party has not secured any seats in the Majlis.
No other candidate other than Imran has announced their candidacy for the position. The recent change to the Adhaalth Party's operating guidelines make it difficult for many people to run for the party's highest position.