Saturday 6th Mar 2021
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MP Ahmed Shiyaam

Elections Will Not Be Fair if Yameen Stays in Prison: MP Shiyam

There was no way that the Local Council Elections would be held fairly, said MP Ahmed Shiyam (Naifaru).
The vice president of the opposition PPM, Shiyam said this during the open floor debate over the bill proposed by the Government to remove the legal obstacles to dealing with the date of the Local Council Elections which had been delayed on account of the COVID-19 outbreak.
Shiyam said that a fair election could not be held if former President Yameen was still in prison. He elaborated that the leader of the country’s only opposition party was unjustly locked in prison, when the man who was truly responsible for any wrongdoing was relaxing in an air-conditioned room, referring to the former Vice President Ahmed Adeeb.
Shiyam asked that it was unclear what the government wished to portray to the people, and asked how the government could expect to hold fair elections given the current state of affairs.
Shiyam commented that the judge who had convicted the former president; Chief Justice Ali Rasheed; had been appointed to the Supreme Court. He said that he had heard that the promotion was only a small portion of “the package”.