Tuesday 28th Mar 2023
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Over 20,000 visitors in first week of 2021

Ministry of Tourism has reported that over 20,000 visitors had arrived in the Maldives in the first week of the new year.
Statistics released by the Ministry showed that on average the country received 2,945 visitors daily. At the end of the week, the numbers stand at 20,612 arrivals.
January 2nd and 3rd were the busiest two days, with 4,160 arrivals on January 2nd and 4,195 arrivals the next day. Russia tops as the arrivals list with 5,331 arrivals. India came in second with 1,816 arrivals.
Last year, India was the main market for arrivals. With 62,905 arrivals from India, the country represented 11.3 percent of total arrivals. In the previous years, China was the main market. However, due to the covid pandemic, arrivals had ceased and is yet to pick up.
Maldivian borders were locked down in March. The decision to close down borders was preceded by cancellations in thousands. The ripple effects of cancellations were felt across the economy, with thousands losing their jobs in the hospitality sector. Borders were reopened in July. Since then, the sector had picked up slowly.