Thursday 25th Jul 2024
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The county will fail if councils given to MDP’s Rahvehi Fathis: Ghassan

Member of Parliament and opposition PPM’s Deputy Leader Mohamed Ghassan Maumoon has stated that the country will fail if local councils are given to MDP’s Rahvehi Fathis campaign.
Ghassan stated this while speaking at the opposition’s rally held on Saturday night. Ghassan noted that he believes that the public has learnt that campaigning with catchy phrases is not a measure of how successful the candidate is.
Ghassan also noted that during President Yameen’s 2013 bid for the presidency he had noted that he was running against issues present in the country. Furthermore, he stated that President Yameen presented a manifesto to solve these issues and succeeded in fulfilling his manifesto during his tenure.
In addition, Ghassan questioned why the current administrations were unable to fulfill any of its post-administration vows in 2019. He also stated that Covid-19 pandemic was not present during the period and questioned why the country’s economy has backtracked. He questioned why the government was unable to fulfill any of its goals.
Hence, Ghassan noted that the country would fail if the local council elections are won by MDP. Ghassan stated that it was the most important point to be remembered.