Monday 15th Apr 2024
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Will bring 40,000 more tourists before year-end: Dr. Mausoom

Minister of Tourism Dr. Abdulla Mausoom has stated that he is optimistic that the country will welcome 40,000 more tourists before year-end.
He shared this statement during the opening ceremony of the Maldives Marine Expo. The minister also noted that 18 airlines are currently operating to the country and that during the next few days the number of airlines operating to the Maldives will increase.
The government’s targeted milestone of tourist arrivals to the country due to Covid-19 is 500,000. This milestone was achieved last week.
The minister also stated that safaris and liveaboards played a significant role in improving the tourism industry. He also noted that the vessels' evolution over time has significantly improved the services provided by the vessels and is comparable to that of services provided by resorts. He also noted that the boating and cruise industry of Maldives is improving day by day and that compared to 3 years ago safaris have evolved to yachts due to the significant improvements in the industry.
Minister Dr. Mausoom also asserted the importance of developing marine transport since the country has a vast ocean territory. He also stated that in the future more surfing points and dive points will be introduced.