Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Ahmed Azaan

MP Azan Opposes Increased Health Insurance Spending for Judges

MP Ahmed Azaan, representing the Hithadhoo Central Constituency, has voiced his opposition to increasing state expenditure on health insurance for judges and retired judges. Azaan contends that spending additional taxpayer money on judges' health insurance is unnecessary and unfair to the general public.
Speaking today at the Public Accounts Committee, Azaan criticized the Judicial Service Commission's (JSC) proposal, which seeks to eliminate the 10% premium co-payment currently required from judges. "As it stands, judges have to pay 10% of the premium as a co-payment. The JSC's letter makes it clear that they no longer want to pay this 10% either. This is not the case anywhere in the world," Azaan explained.
Azaan highlighted the government's ongoing efforts to reduce costs and emphasized that spending an additional five million Rufiyaa on judges' insurance is not justifiable. "While such cost-cutting measures are being implemented, it is objectionable to allocate another five million for judges' insurance," he said.
He further noted that if the state covers the insurance premium, it would add to the financial burden on taxpayers, resulting in additional debt for the public. Azaan called for consultations with other agencies to explore better insurance arrangements for judges. "Other relevant authorities should be consulted because they may have better plans to arrange insurance for judges," he suggested.
Azaan's remarks reflect a broader concern over financial prudence and the equitable use of public funds, urging a balanced approach to addressing the healthcare needs of judges without imposing an undue strain on taxpayers.