Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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MP Ahmed Azan Calls for Suspension of Medical Insurance for Lawmakers from ASEAN Countries

Hithadhoo Central MP Ahmed Azaan has called for the suspension of medical insurance for the families of lawmakers and members of parliament from ASEAN countries.
In a social media post, Azaan stated that President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's government is focused on cutting costs to improve the state's finances, and lawmakers should set an example in this regard.
Azaan suggested that the medical insurance available to MPs and their families from ASEAN countries should be discontinued. He argued that MPs should not receive medical insurance benefits that are not available to the general public at the state's expense.
The parliament currently pays a premium of RF 24,000 per member for health insurance, resulting in an annual cost of RF 2.2 million for the 93 members of parliament. Azaan emphasized that this expenditure is unnecessary and should be eliminated to save state resources.