Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Palestinian Issue Should Not Be Ignored: President Muizzu

President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has emphasized that the Palestinian issue should not be overlooked and that justice must prevail.
Speaking at the opening ceremony of the "Maldivians with Palestine" telethon, President Muizzu stated that the issue should not be viewed merely as a conflict between Palestine and Israel. Instead, he urged that it be seen as a matter of rights and responsibilities for every Muslim.
"The Maldives has stood with the Palestinian people from the very beginning," President Muizzu said. "The voice of Maldivians is being heard, but we need to elevate our efforts to a higher level."
He acknowledged that many around the world, who may not publicly align with the Palestinians, are actively working for their cause, providing a significant morale boost.
President Muizzu highlighted the interconnectedness of the Muslim Ummah, explaining that Muslims are collectively affected by the suffering of any single Muslim. He used an analogy, stating, "Even if the smallest part of the body is slapped, the whole body suffers. This is the nature of the Muslim Ummah."
The ceremony was attended by First Lady Sajidha Mohamed, Vice President Hussein Mohamed Latheef, and Speaker of Parliament Abdul Raheem Abdulla. A large number of government officials also contributed to a fund box set up at TVM to support the Palestinian people.