Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Maldives Police to Establish 'Anti-Scam' Centre to Combat Fraud

The Maldives Police are in the process of establishing an anti-scam centre aimed at combating fraud and assisting victims, according to Assistant Commissioner of Police Ahmed Shifan.
Speaking at a programme organized by state media outlet PSM, ACP Shifan outlined that the anti-scam centre is a key component of the police's strategic plan. The centre is expected to be operational in the near future and will serve as the first responder for victims of various scams across the country.
ACP Shifan emphasized the seriousness of scam cases and assured that the police are addressing these issues with utmost concern and care. Since the police began recording scam cases in 2021, the total amount of money lost by the public has exceeded RF 150 million, highlighting the urgent need for this initiative.