Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Maldives Police Department Unveils Five-Year Strategic Plan

The Maldives Police Department has revealed a comprehensive strategic plan outlining its objectives for the next five years, aimed at enhancing public safety and strengthening community engagement.
Minister for Internal Security and Finance Ali Ihsan introduced the strategic plan during a ceremony held at Iskandar Kothi, attended by Commissioner of Police Ali Shujau and other senior police officials. The plan, which encompasses five key priorities, underscores the department's commitment to combating criminal threats, prioritizing community engagement, modernizing infrastructure, fostering effective governance, and ensuring accountability and ethical conduct.
The unveiling of the strategic plan marks a significant step towards enhancing the capabilities of the Maldives Police Service, with a focus on creating a safer environment for all citizens and eradicating major crimes from the country. Additionally, the plan aims to strengthen police-community relations and elevate the quality of services provided to the public through strategic investments, ultimately bolstering trust and confidence in the police force.