Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Israel Advises Citizens Against Visiting Maldives, Warns of Safety Risks

The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued a travel advisory urging Israeli nationals not to visit the Maldives, even on passports from other countries, following the Maldives' ban on Israeli passports.
In the advisory issued last evening, the Israeli Foreign Ministry stated that the Maldives is not a safe destination for Israeli citizens and urged those currently in the Maldives to leave immediately. The advisory emphasized the difficulties Israeli authorities would face in providing assistance in case of any issues arising in the Maldives. This warning came shortly after international media reported the Maldives' plan to ban Israeli passports due to Israel's treatment of Palestinian civilians.
The advisory has sparked a wave of reactions on social media, with some supporters of Israel expressing solidarity against the Maldives and calling for a boycott. Conversely, many praised the Maldives' decision and urged other countries to follow suit.
The Israeli Foreign Ministry had previously classified the Maldives as a "threat level 2" country, a status likely to be elevated following the recent advisory. In December, the ministry had already issued a notice advising caution while traveling to the Maldives.