Sunday 21st Jul 2024
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Government to Sell One-Letter and Two-Letter Domains, Announces Minister Ameen

The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation has announced its plans to sell one-letter and two-letter domains, a departure from the current practice of issuing three- and four-letter domains. This was disclosed during a press conference held today.
Minister Mohamed Ameen outlined the ministry's ongoing efforts to enhance the domain registration system, which has thus far limited domain names to three or four letters. "Within the new domain system, we will open up one- or two-digit domain sales. But it will only open up when the software we use and our internal system can be improved to the point where it is now in a state of flux," he stated.
Minister Ameen highlighted the challenges faced by the current domain registration system, noting that approximately 50% of the domains used in the country are not authentic. Out of the 1,400 registered domains, around 700 are unverified. He emphasized the need for a robust set of rules and a more effective system to manage domain services, as the existing system fails to display information on many domains.
The minister also hinted at a revision of the starting prices for the new domains. The new pricing is expected to be higher than the existing rates, with the current starting price for a domain for motorcycles set at MVR 50,000 and for four-wheelers at MVR 100,000.
This initiative comes in response to the domain management issues inherited by President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu's administration. The Transport Ministry had previously announced that the provision of domain services had been halted by the former government.
By improving the domain registration system and introducing one- and two-letter domains, the Ministry aims to better regulate the domain market and enhance the authenticity and management of domain services in the Maldives.