Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Minister Commits to AI-Centric Teacher Training Agenda

Education Minister Dr. Ismail Shafeeu has outlined plans to prioritise the integration of modern technologies, particularly artificial intelligence (AI), into teacher training programs this academic year. Addressing the new academic term, Dr. Shafeeu emphasised the crucial role of quality, innovative educators in providing students with a conducive learning environment. He highlighted the pressing challenge of a shortage of high-caliber teachers in the education sector.
In response to this challenge, Dr. Shafeeu underscored the importance of retaining experienced teachers in the field and ensuring their professional development. He announced the launch of a national-level teacher training initiative aimed at enhancing the skills and expertise of educators across the country.
As part of this initiative, special emphasis will be placed on equipping teachers with the knowledge and tools to leverage modern technologies like artificial intelligence to enhance teaching and learning outcomes. Dr. Shafeeu emphasised the significance of utilising assistive technology to facilitate inclusive learning practices.
The Minister's commitment to fostering a technologically empowered teaching workforce signals a strategic shift towards innovative pedagogical approaches and reflects the government's dedication to advancing the quality of education nationwide.