Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Elections Commission

Elections Comission to Take Action Against Those Who Engage in Anti-Campaigning

The Elections Commission (EC) has said it will take legal action against anyone who campaigns in a manner that infringes on the electoral rights of another candidate in an effort to win support for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
In a statement issued yesterday, the Elections Commission said it had noticed anti-campaign practices in the efforts to win support for candidates contesting the parliamentary elections.
The EC has noticed that posters and banners used to seek support are circulating messages that infringe on some candidate's electoral rights.
According to the General Elections Act, nothing shall be done to infringe the fundamental rights of another candidate in the efforts to seek support for any candidate. You must not use any false information about another candidate.
Therefore, the Elections Commission has urged the candidates not to do anything that would infringe on the electoral rights of another candidate.
"Legal action will be taken against those who commit such [anti-campaign] acts," the statement said.
The ruling PPM/PNC coalition has accused the opposition MDP of engaging in anti-campaigning ahead of the parliamentary elections on the 21st of this month.