Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Addu City

Sri Lankan Airlines Increasing Flights to Addu

Sri Lankan Airlines is doubling its flights to Addu City, with the addition of charter flights from two of the most visited destinations in Maldives, President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said.
The President, who is on an unofficial visit to Addu, said that if he gets the support of the people, he will be able to fulfill all his promises to the fullest extent, citing his promises to increase flights and tourist arrivals to Addu. He added that he would like to ensure that the government receives the necessary cooperation from the Parliament to fulfill those promises.
He said he would not wait until the last years of his rule to fulfill his promises, citing the construction of the bridge connecting Hithadhoo and Hulhudhoo as an example. The President said that the survey work has been completed and the design work of the bridge has started.
"It is not sincere to make something [the bridge work] start in 2027 when the next election comes in 2028. So, within the first 100 days, within 14 weeks, the work has started, and now two-thirds of the design work has been completed. Within the next two months, the said phase will be completed. I will repeat my promise every time tonight that the bridge will be operational by the end of my term.”
Further, the President said that one of the most important development projects to be implemented in Addu is the conversion of the city's airport into an international airport. However, as he promised, he would add some things to the ongoing project to make the airport the most complete and modern international airport possible.
“As we promised, [Addu Airport] will become a complete airport with the best quality facilities, including additional parts of the project that is already underway,” he said. Along with the airport, a city hotel will also be developed, he said.
In addition to the development of the Addu airport, the work of increasing flights to Addu from various destinations has already started, he said. Dr. Muizzu stated that discussions have begun to bring charter flights to Addu from two of the most popular tourist destinations in the country.
"The work of chartering direct flights from different destinations by the peak of the tourist season has already started. It is really happening," he said.
The President also said that in order to increase the number of flights to Addu, flights operated by Maldivian from Addu Huvadhoo will be launched in October.
"We decided to double the number of flights here, though there are still less resorts here, there will be a lot of resorts in the area in the future, which will benefit this city,” the President said.
Further related to this is the coastal tourism project, which will have 6,000 beds. The President said that the Ministry of Tourism is giving high priority to bringing tourism to Addu in its efforts to expand tourism throughout the country.