Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Some Health Facilities Made 24 Hours Without Sufficient Staffing: Minister Dr. Khaleel

The last government has converted some rural health centers to provide 24-hour services without enough staff, Minister of Health Dr. Abdullah Khaleel said.
Speaking in Parliament today, Minister Khaleel said the services of some hospitals in the country were changed to 24 hours at the end of the last term.
The minister added that there was a shortage of 30 doctors in different parts of the country when he took over the post of Health Minister.
In addition to addressing this issue, the government is also working to send sea ambulances to 13 islands. The government has already sent an initial 13 sea ambulances to islands to improve the quality of hospitals in the provinces, Minister Khaleel explained.
The minister said that there are certain islands where there is a shortage of health workers and staff, however the government is working to provide a solution to this situation.