Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Second Batch of Indian Troops to be Withdrawn Next Month

The second batch of Indian troops will be withdrawn from the Maldives during April, ahead of the initial schedule agreed upon between Maldives and India.
The second and third set of Indian military personnel currently stationed in Maldives were scheduled to be sent out on May 10th. However, a decision was taken to hasten the departure of the second group at the third meeting of the High Level Core Group set up to discuss the matter of Indian troops in Maldives and also other issues related to bilateral relations.
The two countries have agreed to remove the troops from Maldivian aerial platforms on two separate dates, one batch before April 10th and the other before May 10th, the Maldivian Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
The first batch of Indian troops in Maldives was withdrawn this month. This group consisted of 26 soldiers who were stationed in Addu City to fly the helicopter donated by India. The soldiers have now been replaced by Indian civilians to fly the helicopter.