Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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RDC Money Embezzled By Taking Advantage of Change in Rules: Police

The Road Development Corporation (RDC) has been accused of depositing 14 million MVR into the personal accounts of some former executives of the company.
Chief Inspector of Police Yoosuf Looth, Head of the Financial Crimes Unit, told a news conference today that the RDC was also depositing money through cheques before the outbreak of COVID-19. However, the company changed its policies to deposit money into the accounts of some of its former executives due to difficulties in depositing money by cheque.
Looth added that even after the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, the company has changed its policies and instead of starting depositing money through cheques, the money has been circulating through the accounts of the company's former executives.
"We have noticed that the funds have been deposited into the accounts of former senior employees working in the RDC due to some difficulties in withdrawing money through cheques due to the COVID-19 situation.”
Looth said the investigation has now discovered that the money was deposited and then embezzled. He noted that the three main accused in the case have been produced before the police and questioned.
He said the case would be sent for prosecution soon. However, he did not say who would be prosecuted in the case.
Earlier, police said the money had been deposited in the personal accounts of three people. One of them had 11 million MVR in his account. The other 2 each had 1 million MVR in their accounts each.
The investigation has revealed that 216 transactions facilitating corruption and money laundering have been conducted from the account with 11 million MVR.