Tuesday 21st May 2024
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12 Days for First Indian Army Team to Withdraw; Civilian Replacement Team Arrives in Maldives

The Indian civilian team has arrived in Maldives prior to the withdrawal of Indian troops stationed in Addu, which is scheduled for the 10th of March.
The Indian and Maldivian governments have decided that all Indian military personnel will be withdrawn from Maldives before May 10th this year. The Indian Army has agreed to withdraw its troops from one of three aerial platforms in Addu before March 10th. The two countries have also agreed to keep Indian civilians in charge of the aircraft operated by the Indian Army in Maldives.
The civilian team to operate and maintain the aircraft has now arrived in Maldives, the Defense Ministry said in a statement. The Indian civilian team arrived in Addu early last night to complete the handover/takeover process and the Indian troops will withdraw from Maldives on the dates agreed upon by the two countries, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.
Test flights will be held today, before the helicopter is taken to India for repairs. An Indian ship will dock in Addu on 28th of this month carrying the replacement helicopter, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.
With 12 days to go until the deadline for the withdrawal of Indian troops from Maldives, it is now confirmed that India will act as per the agreement between the two countries.
One of President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu’s top priorities before coming to power was the removal of all foreign military personnel from the Maldives.