Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

All Citizens Can Submit Ideas and Complaints Directly to President At Any Time

The President’s Office has launched a special portal for every citizen to submit their ideas and complaints to President Dr. Mohamed Muizzu at any time.
The President's Office said in a tweet that after logging in to the portal, the person can easily submit any complaint or question
The office said the arrangement was made to listen to the voice of the people and work as closely as possible with the people.

“President Dr. Muizzu's aim is to understand the people's needs and work in the way the people want,” the President's Office stated.
The President's Office said the people's opinions and complaints will be provided through the People's Voice portal to build a developed and civilized society through the cooperation of the people and the government.

Unlike other governments, President Dr. Muizzu is taking undertaking a great effort to rule by listening to the people.

He is traveling to islands and cities to work with the people, as well as answering people's questions immediately through the ‘Aha’ Forum.

In addition, the President answers questions from the public via video. This is done through the "People's Voice" program, which is an additional step to his policy of listening to the people and working as closely as possible with the people.