Thursday 20th Jun 2024
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Indian Farmers Protest Leads to March to Delhi

Indian farmers protested in 2020, with their demands to the government being fixed prices for their crops, but now they are marching to Delhi from neighboring states, saying their main demands have not been met.
Indian security forces have begun to set up border controls around India’s capital of Delhi as farmers from neighboring states march to the capital to protest against the government.
In the protest in 2020, the farmers camped at Delhi’s borders against the government’s new policies which negatively affected them. This protest lasted for an entire year, and resulted in the deaths of over 700 farmers, according to protest leaders such as Yogendra Yadav.
Farmers are now asking for a minimum fixed price for their crops and demanding that the government makes good on its promise to double the income of farmers.
Over 200 farmers unions are taking part in this protest, and it has already yielded some results, with officials from the government meeting protest leaders on Monday. This resulted in some government cases being dropped from the 2020 protests, along with agreements on a few of the farmers demands.
This protest comes at a critical time for the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party and Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as they face a general election in the next few months. Modi and his party are seeking a third term in power, and their approach to this situation could affect the result of the election.