Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Resources

Saudi Fund Provides Assistance to Maldives’ Fisheries Industry

The Minister of Fisheries, Ahmed Shiyam, met with the Deputy CEO of the Saudi Fund for Development during his visit to Saudi Arabia to discuss ways to develop the fisheries industry in Maldives.
Minister Shiyam is on a visit to Saudi Arabia to attend the opening ceremony of the Saudi International Marine Exhibition. The exhibition is the largest exhibition of edible marine life in the country.
The Saudi Fund was represented at the meeting by its CEO Faisal Al Kahtani.
The meetings with the Deputy CEO of the Fund were fruitful, according to the Minister. The Saudi Fund has assured that Maldives will continue to receive assistance in the future.

Minister Shiyam said participating in the exhibition in Saudi Arabia has enabled the ministry to take many actions that will benefit the country.