Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Indian Troops Threaten Another Maldivian Fishing Boat

After the Indian troops boarded three Maldives fishing boats on January 31st, the Indian troops boarded another Maldivian fishing boat the following night.
The union in a post on X said that on the night of February 1st, Mahora-3 was sailing about 3 miles from the Molhadhoo buoy, when an Indian military vessel approached the boat around 12:00 pm and soldiers boarded the boat and threatened the fishermen.
The owner of the boat has reported the incident, the union said.
On Wednesday, January 31, Indian troops boarded the Asuruma-3, Mahora-3, and Niru-7 The Indian troops boarded the boats through Maldives’ Special Economic Zone (SEZ).
The Maldivian government has asked India to explain in writing why the Indian troops entered the Maldives SEZ without notifying any Maldivian agency.
The government is currently investigating the case. The Defense Ministry said the Indian operation in Maldivian waters without the permission of the Maldivian government was in violation of international maritime law.