Tuesday 16th Apr 2024
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Foreign Soldiers Boarded Asuruma-3 Boat and Questioned the Crew: Shiyam

Foreign soldiers, allegedly Indian troops according to some reports, boarded the Asuruma-3 boat belonging to Mahibadhoo inside Maldives’ Special Economic Zone (SEZ) and questioned the crew.
Fisheries and Marine Resources Minister Ahmed Shiyam said in a post that the Indian troops boarded the Asruma-3 boat 72 miles east of Thiruvananthapuram while they were engaged in fishing.
He added that the foreign troops had boarded the vessel and questioned the crew, which is something he is very concerned about.
The Maldives National Defense Force (MNDF) said it was investigating the incident, and a coast guard vessel is traveling to the area.
He added that the foreign troops boarded the Asuruma-3 boat while it was in Maldivian waters. The ministry's vessel monitoring systems confirmed that the boat was operating in Maldivian waters, he said.
The minister said he was working closely with the coast guard and the owner of the vessel.
In a post on the X, the Bodukanneli Fishermen's Union confirmed that a Maldivian fishing boat had been boarded by a foreign naval crew. The fishermen's union has called for an investigation into the attack.