Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Polling Day for Parliamentary Elections will be a Public Holiday: Habeeb

Sunday, March 17, the date of the parliamentary elections, will be a public holiday, Election Commission Vice-President Ismail Habeeb has said.
Speaking at the meeting of the Election Advisory Committee held today, Habeeb said polling day will be fixed as a holiday.
The political parties on the Election Advisory Committee have expressed concern over the date of the parliamentary elections on Sunday. Various government agencies have also expressed concerns about the date of the elections.
Speaking to the committee, Habeeb added that the decision to hold the elections during Ramadan was not an easy one. March 17 is expected to be the 7th day of Ramadan.
Election Commission Chairman Fuwad Thowfeek said the election could not be postponed or expedited. Fuwad was speaking on PSM’s “Raajje Miadhu” program on 20th of this month, while briefing the commission on its preparations for the parliamentary elections.