Tuesday 21st May 2024
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Male' City council

Government Will Not Interfere in Mayor's Work: Minister

The Minister of Cities, Local Government and Public Works, Adam Shareef, has said that the government will give its full cooperation to Male' city council even if a member of another party has taken over the post of mayor.
Speaking at the swearing-in ceremony of the Mayor and three members of the City Council yesterday, Adam Shareef said that when the current President, Dr. Mohammed Muizzu was elected as the mayor of the opposition to the then government, many development projects were hindered out as a result of the previous administration’s unwillingness to cooperate.
“What we have to remember today is that what we have seen and noticed in the meetings held on various occasions is that he tried to do many things during his tenure as mayor but he could not do them.”
"I am sure that with his experience, the President will bring the change that is necessary for the city. I believe the President will not abandon the people of Malé.”
Adam Shareef said the government would cooperate with the Mayor in projects that benefit the people regardless of political views. He said that under the leadership of President Muizzu, the incumbent Mayor will bring about positive changes in Malé.
“There is no doubt in that endeavor, and I am confident that our ministry and all other institutions of the state will put in a lot of effort and bring about the essential changes in the country and especially in the city, as promised by the President,” he said.
"The President will work to make this city a comfortable and safe place for people to live and I have no doubt that the Mayor will give his full cooperation and bring about the positive changes he has promised.”
In the last government ruled by the MDP, the majority of the Malé City Council was held by the then opposition PPM/PNC. One of the things that is repeatedly heard at every press conference held by the city council is that the government does not cooperate.
However, despite the challenges, President Dr. Muizzu brought positive changes to the city during his tenure as mayor and that is the reason why he he was elected to his current position, Minister Adam Shareef stated.