Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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President Dr.Muizzu

President Muizzu Takes Charge: Maldives to Diversify Partnerships, Ending Over-Reliance on India

President Dr. Mohammed Muizzu, in a decisive move to strengthen the Maldives' sovereignty and independence, announced a series of strategic shifts in the nation's healthcare and food security sectors aimed at reducing reliance on any single country, particularly India.
Addressing the nation, President Muizzu declared that the state-owned health insurance service, Aasandha, will soon expand its coverage to include top hospitals in Thailand and Dubai. This marks a significant policy change from the current practice where Aasandha services are primarily available through medical facilities in India. The President emphasized that the objective is to provide Maldivian citizens with access to higher-quality healthcare facilities abroad until the domestic health infrastructure is brought up to international standards. Furthermore, he mentioned that Aasandha will also start covering accommodation expenses, easing the financial burden on citizens seeking medical treatment overseas.
In a related development, President Muizzu announced that the Maldives will diversify its sourcing of basic food commodities, moving away from a dependency on a single country. In a landmark agreement with Turkey, the Maldives has secured a supply of staple foods sufficient for one year, plus an additional 10%, marking a significant step towards food security.
The President also disclosed plans to import medicines from various countries, including those in Europe, which will diversify the nation's medical supplies and reduce the current over-reliance on Indian pharmaceutical products.
These announcements come against the backdrop of India's use of trade and aid as leverage in Maldivian domestic affairs, a practice that President Muizzu is firmly set against. By broadening the nation's trade and diplomatic relations, President Muizzu aims to fortify the Maldives' position as a resilient and independent state capable of standing on its own in the international arena.
The Maldivian government's commitment to these diversification strategies signals a new chapter in the country's foreign policy, one that is characterized by self-reliance and a balanced approach to international relations. President Muizzu's administration is taking clear steps to ensure that the Maldives can navigate global dynamics without undue influence from any external power.