Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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President Solih

Ex-President Solih Departs for Singapore Amidst Corruption Investigations

In a sudden and unanticipated move, President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, who served as the leader of the Maldives from November 17, 2018, to November 17, 2023, departed the country on November 21, 2023, alongside his wife, Fazna Ahmed. Notably, his departure was devoid of the usual state-assigned security detail, sparking curiosity and concern among observers.
This departure follows closely on the heels of alarming revelations concerning President Solih’s tenure. A recent investigation uncovered that a presidential committee, established under Solih’s administration, allegedly disbursed assets and cash totaling up to 1 billion Maldivian rufiyaa to various companies as compensation. This substantial financial movement, now under scrutiny, is raising serious questions about potential corruption within the former president’s regime.
The current administration, taking a firm stance on these developments, has publicly denounced these actions as corrupt and initiated a comprehensive investigation into the matter. There is growing speculation that President Solih’s abrupt departure to Singapore may be a tactic to evade the legal repercussions of these accusations.
Further complicating President Solih’s legacy are accusations related to his foreign policy, particularly regarding the Maldives' relationship with India. Allegations have surfaced that Solih signed several agreements with India, which critics argue undermine the sovereignty of the Maldives. These agreements and their implications on national independence and autonomy have become a focal point of contention and debate within political circles and among the Maldivian public.