Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Election Commission Calls for Urgency as Parliamentary Election Dates Clash with School Exams and Ramadan

In a bid to address the pressing issue of a shortage of polling stations, the Election Commission has formally approached the Independent Institutions Committee of the parliament, urging them to expedite the upcoming parliamentary elections. The Election Commission is advocating for the polls to be conducted before the beginning of Ramadan.
Election Commission member, Habeeb, highlighted the urgency of the matter, emphasizing that the primary challenge faced is the insufficient number of polling stations to accommodate voters. As per the legal framework, Habeeb stated that nominations could open as early as January 30, with candidates given a 14-day window to finalize their lists. The official announcement of candidates is anticipated on February 17.
However, Habib acknowledged a potential obstacle in the scheduling of the elections. With schools planning mock exams in March, which coincide with the proposed election date of March 18, logistical issues may arise. The Election Commission, utilizing various school premises for polling, acknowledged the need to address concerns arising from the clash with the educational calendar.
During a meeting with the Independent Institutions Committee, concerns were shared regarding the proposed election dates. Despite the Election Commission's suggestions, the committee opted not to take a definitive stance, choosing instead to defer the decision until further parliamentary debate on the matter.