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New Era for Maldives: Dr. Mohammed Muizzu Sworn in as President

Male, November 17, 2023 – In a landmark ceremony today, Dr. Mohammed Muizzu was sworn in as the President of the Maldives at 4:45 pm in a special parliamentary session at Republic Square in the capital, Male. Alongside him, his Vice President, Hussen Mohammed Latheef, also took the oath, marking the commencement of their term in office.
The Chief Justice of the Maldives, Dr. Muththasim Adnan, administered the oath in what was a significant event for the island nation, attended by members of parliament, political dignitaries, and international representatives.
In his inaugural address, President Muizzu outlined his vision for the country, focusing on the inviolable sovereignty of the Maldives. He stressed that this sovereignty is a "red line that cannot be crossed" and called for all nations, regardless of size or the distance of their friendship, to respect the independence of the Maldives.
Further emphasizing the importance of judicial independence, President Muizzu vowed not to interfere with the judiciary, asserting his commitment to establishing justice. He boldly declared that those found guilty of embezzling state funds would be held accountable under his administration.
President Muizzu, with his British education in civil engineering and experience as housing minister under two administrations, brings a technical and pragmatic approach to governance. His background as the Mayor of Male City since 2020 is expected to inform his presidency with a hands-on understanding of urban and development challenges.
Vice President Hussen Mohammed Latheef, a two-term MP for the Fares-Maathoda constituency, contributes his scholarly expertise in social sciences from the esteemed Al-Azhar University, which is anticipated to complement the president's engineering and administrative background.
The oath-taking ceremony was adorned with the presence of various international figures, signaling a continued and strengthening relationship with neighboring countries. Notable attendees included President Ranil Wickramasinghe of Sri Lanka and the Vice President of Seychelles, Mr. Affif, among other dignitaries.
The inauguration of President Muizzu and Vice President Latheef marks a new chapter for the Maldives as the nation moves forward under their leadership, with a clear focus on sovereignty, justice, and development.