Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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Election Commission to Announce 2024 Parliamentary Election Date in November

The Election Commission is set to announce the polling dates for the parliamentary elections slated for next year. This revelation comes as Ismail Habib, the acting vice president, took to Twitter to shed some light on the matter.
Habib's tweet clarified that, as per legal provisions, the parliamentary elections can be scheduled in late March or early April of the ensuing year. This places the potential election day within the fasting month, a significant detail for many voters.
Adding to the election preparations, Habib mentioned that the commission will also be releasing the final report detailing the population distribution for the 2024 parliamentary constituencies. This much-anticipated report will be made public in November, concurrently with the official date of the 2024 parliamentary elections.
Furthermore, the Election Commission is making strides in ensuring transparency and accessibility. Habib pointed out that the commission is diligently working to finalize and publicize the list of eligible voters for the 2024 parliamentary elections. Once ready, this list will be made available to all relevant stakeholders, ensuring a smooth and informed election process.
The impending announcement has undoubtedly piqued public interest, with many eagerly awaiting further details on what promises to be a pivotal electoral event.