Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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Health Ministry

National Ambulance Service Launches in Male'

At the event held at The Republican Square, Health Minister Ahmed Naseem announced that the purpose of the service is to guarantee public health while preventing the recurrence of past incidents. As part of efforts to improve and grow health services, the minister stated that the service was crucial to the completion of the healthcare system and would facilitate hospitals.
To access the national ambulance service, one must call 100. A 24-hour call center has been set up to provide the service. Today, the service is only made available in the Male area.
According to the minister, the service is only being introduced in the Male area right now, but it will eventually be expanded to include other parts of the nation.
The primary goal of establishing such a service, according to the Health Ministry, is to make sure that the patient's life is preserved by offering pre-hospital care services until he is promptly attended to in medical emergencies and accidents and is transported to a health care facility.
According to The Ministry, The Greater Male' Region's hospitals and national ambulance service will provide staff and resources for the national ambulance service. This service will be supplied by major hospitals and other pertinent organizations in the Greater Male' Region.