Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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Destruction of FSM Documents Raises Alarms Amid Government Transition

Fuel Supply Maldives (FSM) is accused of methodically erasing important company documents. An insider from the company has revealed evidence indicating FSM's removal of essential documents during a significant interim phase.
In the video, a large number of documents can be seen being carried over the jetty in large gunny bags, and a group of staff present there are seen throwing them into the concrete machine to destroy the documents. Fuel Supply Maldives (FSM) is under scrutiny for allegedly destroying essential business documents. Video showing FSM staff at the Thilafushi jetty feeding papers into a concrete machine to destroy them. These documents reportedly included invoices and delivery notes.
Under the directive of FSM's managing director, Mohammad Qassam, the whistleblower was interrogated about the leaked video. While he confirmed the authenticity of the footage, he also highlighted that it was in direct violation of the PCB's directive against the destruction of the company's documents during the interim process.
Despite shedding light on these potentially illegal activities, the informant faced immediate repercussions. Human resources informed him of his suspension, a move that many see as an attempt by FSM to suppress and control the narrative. A suspension letter shared with "Dhiyares" further confirmed the swift retributive action taken against him.
The incident demands a thorough investigation, ensuring that the truth is brought to light and the guilty parties face appropriate consequences.