Tuesday 18th Jun 2024
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China's President Xi Jinping Congratulates Maldivian President-Elect Dr. Muizzu

China's President Xi Jinping has extended a congratulatory message to Dr. Mohamed Muizzu, the newly elected President of the Maldives, emphasizing the deep-rooted ties between the two nations. This was made public through a tweet by the Chinese Ambassador to the Maldives, H.E Wang Lixin, who reiterated the longstanding friendly exchanges that have historically existed between China and the Maldives.
Dr. Mohammed Muizzu recently clinched a decisive victory in the Maldivian presidential run-off election held on September 30, defeating the incumbent, India-backed President Solih. Dr. Muizzu's campaign highlighted themes of Maldivian sovereignty, economic rejuvenation, and resolving the nation's looming debt crisis. His election is seen as indicative of a potential shift in the Maldives' foreign policy and international relations.
In his message, President Xi stressed that the China-Maldives relationship transcends the contemporary political landscape, dating back to ancient times. He underscored that the two nations are not only sincere friends, built on a foundation of mutual trust and assistance, but also vital partners striving for shared development and prosperity.
Highlighting his personal commitment to fostering these ties, President Xi conveyed his readiness to collaborate with President-Elect Dr. Muizzu to carry forth the traditional friendship and intensify practical cooperation. He envisions a future-oriented, all-encompassing friendly and cooperative partnership between the two nations, infused with renewed vigor and progress.
The congratulatory gesture from China's top leadership underscores the strategic importance of the Maldives in the larger geopolitical context. It signals China's anticipation of a strengthened alliance with the Maldives, especially in light of Dr. Muizzu's electoral mandate, which revolves around the themes of sovereignty and economic revival.
As Dr. Muizzu prepares to assume office in the midst of a complex international environment, his leadership is poised to engage with key global stakeholders, including China, to ensure the prosperity and sovereign integrity of the Maldivian nation.