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Dr. Muizzu Promises Legislation Against Treason

MALÉ, MALDIVES – 30th August 2023: With the Maldives presidential election just around the corner, Dr. Muizzu, the opposition candidate, has made clear his stance on various contentious issues that have been a talking point in the nation. Speaking at a campaign event held at R.Dhuvaafaru, he unveiled his intentions to draft a law aimed at punishing those who commit acts of treason against the nation.
In the context of Maldivian sovereignty, Dr. Muizzu expressed his deep concerns over the current foreign policy. Specifically, he took issue with the presence of Indian soldiers on Maldivian soil. "Indian soldiers should not be stationed in the Maldives. We must adopt a stance of zero tolerance towards it," he firmly stated. This issue has been a source of growing unease among many Maldivians.
Furthermore, Dr. Muizzu highlighted the importance of reassessing bilateral agreements with India. "Various agreements between India and the Maldives must be scrutinized, and those undermining our sovereignty should be promptly revoked," he urged.
During his speech, Dr. Muizzu placed a significant emphasis on judicial reform. He declared, "When we reform the judiciary, we intend to propose an act to punish traitors, an act against treason."
The growing presence of Indian soldiers in the Maldives has been a topic of concern for many Maldivians. Current reports suggest that hundreds of Indian military personnel are stationed across the country. Notably, the present Maldivian government has placed restrictions on public discourse against this Indian military presence.