Sunday 14th Jul 2024
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Dr. Muizzu Unveils Robust Health Sector Pledges; Air Ambulances to Revolutionize Medical Emergencies in Maldives

DH.KUDAHUVADHOO, Maldives – Dr. Muizzu, the opposition candidate for the forthcoming presidential elections, unveiled a comprehensive vision for the nation's health sector during a campaign rally here. He praised the remarkable transformation of the health sector under President Yameen's administration and has vowed to further this legacy.
Expressing gratitude to President Yameen, the leader of the opposition, Dr. Muizzu said, "President Yameen has brought revolutionary changes to our health sector. It's our duty to ensure these efforts continue."
Highlighting a prominent pledge, Dr. Muizzu announced plans to introduce fully-equipped air ambulances to the Maldives. The proposal received widespread approval, particularly given the current reliance on the Indian military for emergency medical airlifts in the region. This transition to domestic air ambulance services is seen as a move to further strengthen the nation's medical capabilities and self-reliance.
Beyond the air ambulances, Dr. Muizzu detailed his intentions to restructure 'Aasandha,' the national health insurance scheme. One groundbreaking addition would be the inclusion of fertility treatments through the national health insurance program, which could benefit countless families across the Maldives.
As the race for the presidency intensifies, Dr. Muizzu continues his campaign journey, meeting residents in Dhaalu, Vaavu, Meemu, and Faafu atoll. Local pundits and recent opinion polls suggest that Dr. Muizzu holds a favorable position, with many viewing him as the frontrunner in the upcoming presidential elections.
The pledges regarding the health sector have struck a chord with many Maldivians, with health being a top priority for the island nation. The introduction of air ambulances and improvements to the national health insurance could signal a new dawn for the country’s healthcare system.