Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Former MDP Strongholds Warmly Embrace Opposition Candidate Dr. Mohammed Muizzu

MALÉ, Maldives – Opposition Progressive Congress coalition's presidential candidate, Dr. Mohammed Muizzu, wrapped up his campaign tour in northern Maldives after visiting 11 islands across the two most northern atolls, Ha. Atoll and Hdh. Atoll.
The islands visited in this tour included Hdh.Hanimaadhoo, Hdh.Kulhudhufushi, Ha.Hoarafushi, Ha.Dhihdhoo, Ha.Utheem, Ha.Kelaa, Ha.Baarah, Hdh.Nolhivaram, Hdh.Makunudhoo, Ha.Ihavandhoo, and Ha.Vashafaru. In each of these islands, Muizzu was greeted with immense support, with Kulhudhufushi and Dhihdhoo – former bastions of support for the ruling MDP – standing out for the particularly warm welcome they offered.
An overwhelming reception awaited Muizzu at Ha.Vashafaru, an island that holds a special place in his heart. This is where Dr. Muizzu’s father, a renowned religious scholar, hailed from. Islanders were visibly elated to see someone with roots from their homeland standing as a hopeful presidential candidate. Large rallies were held in each of the visited islands, celebrating Dr. Muizzu's candidacy and vision for the Maldives.
During his campaign stops, Dr. Muizzu made several pledges, with a key emphasis on equal treatment for all islands, irrespective of their population size. "Every island, every citizen holds equal importance in the fabric of our nation," he voiced passionately during a rally.
The Maldives gears up for its presidential election scheduled for the 9th of September, with a total of eight candidates vying for the top spot, including the incumbent President Solih. Amidst the political whirlwind, Dr. Muizzu, currently serving as the mayor of Malé city, seems to be taking the lead. Several opinion polls indicate him as the frontrunner and the most favored candidate in the upcoming elections.
It remains to be seen how the electoral dynamics evolve in the run-up to the polling day. But one thing is clear - Dr. Muizzu’s extensive island campaign has undoubtedly bolstered his presence and resonance among the Maldivian populace.