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Tree Top Hospital Launches Back-to-School Promotion for Children's Health

August 2, 2023 — Tree Top Hospital has announced an exciting Back-to-School Promotion, focusing on children's health and wellness, just in time for the new school year. The promotion kicked off today and will run through the end of August 2023.
This limited-time initiative offers exclusive discounts on the Well Child package, tailored to different age groups, as children across the nation gear up to head back to school after the holiday break.
The Well Child package is a comprehensive health assessment that includes everything from a basic physical examination to various tests and screenings. Children will receive reliable assessments, compassionate care, and the convenience of conducting all necessary investigations, tests, and report reviews with a Pediatrician.
What the Well Child Package Includes:
Assessment with Pediatrician
Physical Examination, Height, Weight, and BMI
Nutritional Assessment
Blood Pressure Measurement
Glucose Fasting, Full Blood Count, Iron and Ferritin, Vitamin D, Urine Analyses
Revision of Vaccination Schedule
Liver and Renal Function Test
Dentist Screening
Total Cholesterol HDL and Triglycerides
Review of Investigations with Pediatrician
G6PD Screening
Exclusive Discounts for Different Age Groups:
Well Child (Below 6 years) – 5% discount
Well Child (6-12 years) – 15% discount
Well Child (13-18 years) – 15% discount
Tree Top Hospital emphasizes that regular health check-ups play a vital role in maintaining children's overall health and development. The Back-to-School Promotion is an innovative approach to inspire parents and guardians to prioritize their children's health as they prepare to return to the classroom.
With a team of experienced and highly trained specialists, Tree Top Hospital is committed to providing quality clinical care and the latest services. They believe that this offer will not only support children's well-being but also contribute to a healthier community.
For parents interested in taking advantage of this unique offer, additional information can be obtained by contacting 3351610 or sending an email to [email protected]. As the academic year approaches, Tree Top Hospital's Back-to-School Promotion offers a valuable opportunity to ensure that children start the school year with a clean bill of health.