Saturday 15th Jun 2024
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Election Commission Denies Yameen's Candidacy; Opposition to Appeal to Supreme Court

MALE, Maldives – The Election Commission (EC) has refused the candidacy of opposition presidential candidate and former president Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom for the forthcoming election. The decision was made public today, shortly after President Yameen's election agent and party secretary general Mohamed Tholal submitted the candidacy form to the EC.
According to the EC, the rejection of President Yameen's candidacy was made due to the fact that he is serving an 11-year jail sentence. EC's president Fuad Taufeeq was present during the handing over of the candidacy form, making the refusal an immediate and unequivocal statement.
The Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), the opposition party that Yameen represents, has expressed strong disagreement with the EC's decision. In a statement issued earlier today, the PPM announced that they will contest the matter in the Supreme Court, which holds the authority to make the final decision in disputes related to the elections.
The refusal of Yameen's candidacy has ignited political tension in the Maldives. Supporters of the former president are voicing their displeasure over what they view as a politically motivated decision. PPM's statement reflected this sentiment, stating, "The rejection of President Yameen's candidacy is an unprecedented act that undermines the democratic process in the Maldives."
Yameen's 11-year jail sentence stems from money laundering charges, and his supporters argue that the decision to block his candidacy represents a suppression of political rights.
Legal experts say that the case is likely to be a highly contested matter in the Supreme Court, and the final decision could set a significant precedent for future elections in the Maldives.