Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Former VP Adheeb

President Solih Greenlights Ex-Vice President Adheeb's Departure from Maldives

In a riveting development, former Vice President Ahmed Adheeb, currently serving a 20-year sentence for his involvement in the Maldives Marketing and Public Relations Corporation (MMPRC) corruption scandal, has been permitted to travel to Singapore. This development comes amid a web of allegations and controversies that could potentially taint the political landscape of the Maldives.
Adheeb, who was sentenced to 20 years behind bars, had been carrying out his sentence from home. This arrangement was a product of a deal brokered with the government in exchange for his testimony against former President Abdulla Yameen.
The Maldives Journal has now uncovered that Adheeb's abrupt travel clearance might be tethered to a threatening gambit he played. Sources reveal that Adheeb purportedly threatened to unveil damning evidence implicating the current President, Ibrahim Mohamed Solih, in the corruption scandal that has marred the Maldivian political scene.
Former Tourism Minister Ali Waheed further fueled this firestorm by alleging that President Solih received MVR 35 million from the scandal's illicit proceeds. The gravity of these allegations and their potential implications has heightened the stakes of Adheeb's departure.
It is significant to note that Adheeb's controversial past also includes accusations of his involvement in a terrorist attack on former President Yameen. The attack, which targeted Yameen's official speedboat, resulted in a bomb blast, the investigations into which pointed towards Adheeb as the orchestrator.
As Adheeb sets sail for Singapore, speculation is mounting that he will seek asylum upon reaching foreign shores. The layers of intrigue shrouding this development underscore the volatility in the Maldivian political arena, promising significant repercussions in the days to come.