Saturday 20th Jul 2024
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MDP's 'Gabbare' Walks Free Amidst Tense Attempted Murder Accusations

In a twist of legal proceedings, Ibrahim Abdulla, widely known as "Gabbare," a leading figure in the Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) National Council, was released today, linked to an attempted murder case involving MP Hassan Zareer. The reasons for his sudden release remain unclear.
Gabbare was taken into custody in May following an assault on MP Zareer, a fellow MDP member. The incident, which took place in a café last April, has sent shockwaves through the ruling party, with Zareer alleging that Gabbare orchestrated the attack. This claim has prompted significant unease within the MDP's top echelons.
The 32-year-old resident of M. Nightvilla, Gabbare, is known to have close ties with the party's high-ranking members. The charges against him detailed the formation of a group armed with sharp-edged and lethal weapons, ostensibly with the intent to murder MP Zareer.
Arrested in late May, Gabbare was placed under remand by the criminal court, but his unexpected release today has added a new dimension to this already complex case.
Gabbare's involvement in this high-profile case adds another chapter to his long and contentious legal history. His criminal record, marked by armed assaults against rival gang members, has been a subject of public scrutiny.
In 2007, Gabbare confessed to the murder of Ali Ishan at the age of just 16. However, he was acquitted in 2010 due to a lack of sufficient evidence, leading to the court's ruling that there was not enough to convict him of murder.
Despite his controversial past, Gabbare has been successful in establishing close ties with MDP politicians, leading to his rise within the party's most influential decision-making body.