Wednesday 24th Jul 2024
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Elections Commission

MRM Casts Doubts Over EC's Integrity In Upcoming Presidential Election

The Maldives Reform Movement (MRM) has voiced skepticism regarding the fairness and transparency of the upcoming presidential election, attributing it to the conduct of the Elections Commission (EC). MRM has strongly criticized the EC, accusing it of attempting to dissolve the party in violation of the Maldives Constitution and the Political Parties Act.
In May, the EC announced its intention to dissolve MRM, citing the party's failure to meet the legal requirement of having a minimum of 3,000 members. However, MRM sought an interim injunction from the Civil Court to halt the dissolution process.
Despite MRM's efforts to impede the dissolution, the EC requested a revision of the Civil Court order, which was ultimately declined. Simultaneously, MRM filed a judicial review case challenging the EC's decision to dissolve the party.
MRM has accused the EC of making politically motivated decisions and violating the party's rights. The party expressed concern that its identity is being undermined, as some members have been coerced into joining other parties, hampering MRM's preparations for the 2023 elections. Nevertheless, MRM remains dedicated to responsible political reform and vows to persist in its endeavors.
As a member of the coalition led by the Maldivian Democratic Party (MDP), MRM has raised suspicions of potential political influence in the EC's decision-making process. The party also criticized the commission for failing to uphold its own regulations.
MRM has cast doubt on the EC's competence in managing the voters' list, citing concerns about the commission's own conduct. The party contends that the EC must regain the trust of the Maldivian public to ensure a credible and trustworthy election.