Sunday 21st Apr 2024
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President Solih

MVR 7 million Splurge on Solih's Qatar and German Excursions

MALÉ - Questions abound as President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's office reveals that MVR 7,097,210.62 ($459,234.12) was spent on his recent trips to Qatar and Germany. The significant figure was released in response to an information request submitted by The Maldives Journal (TMJ).
In its quest for transparency, TMJ requested a breakdown of the expenses as well as details regarding the objectives achieved through these trips. However, the President's office declined to provide further clarity on the matter, stating that the office does not keep a record of the objectives attained by trips.

Such a response is in contrast with public finance regulation, which mandates that a report be generated after foreign trips undertaken by government officials. The report is expected to disclose information such as the objectives of the trip and whether these objectives were achieved.

Given this regulatory discrepancy, TMJ has appealed the answer provided by the President's office at the Information Commissioner's office. TMJ has requested the Commissioner to order the President's office to provide a breakdown of the trip expenses and to reveal whether the objectives of the trips were met.

Critics of President Solih's travels note that since taking office, he has been fond of traveling around the world, spending millions in taxpayer money without clear justification or measurable benefits. The recent disclosure only fuels these concerns, and there are growing demands for transparency and accountability regarding these trips.