Thursday 30th May 2024
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President's Office Fails to Disclose Expenses of Qatar and Germany Visits

The President's Office has yet to disclose details of the expenses incurred during President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih's visits to Qatar and Germany in March. The Maldives Journal has sought information on the amount spent on the trips and the number of participants under the Right to Information (RTI) Act. The President's Office initially delayed disclosing the information citing that it was "not yet available," but failed to comply with the extended deadline as well.
According to the state's fiscal responsibility act, reports on trips made at the state's expense must be submitted within five days of completion. The President's Office's failure to disclose the information raises concerns about transparency and accountability.
President Ibrahim has set a record for the most number of trips made by a Maldivian president in a short span of time. The President's Office has previously been accused of publishing misleading information about the cost of travel, which reportedly costs millions of Rufiyaa annually.
In 2022, the cost of the President and First Lady's trip to watch the World Cup was significantly higher than initially reported. Before taking office, President Ibrahim had expressed his fondness for travel.