Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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STO Appoints Former Cabinet Secretary with Scandalous Past as Managing Director

Former Cabinet Secretary Abdullah Saeed has been appointed as the new Managing Director of the State Trading Organization (STO), following the dismissal of Hussain Amr, who allegedly refused to support President Solih in the upcoming 2023 presidential elections.
Abdullah Saeed's political career has seen a series of ups and downs. He held the position of cabinet secretary during President Nasheed's administration but was removed from the post due to public pressure. A video showcasing Saeed engaging in self-gratification inside the president's office had surfaced online, leading to his dismissal.
Despite the controversy, Saeed managed to secure a position at the STO's office in Singapore after being removed from his previous role. Upon President Solih's assumption of office, Saeed was appointed as the Managing Director of Maldives State Shipping, a position he held until his recent appointment as STO's new Managing Director.
The circumstances surrounding the dismissal of the former STO Managing Director, Hussain Amr, have raised questions about the political motivations behind these changes. Amr's alleged refusal to support President Solih in the 2023 presidential elections has sparked debate on the influence of political loyalty in key appointments within the Maldives' public sector.
Abdullah Saeed's appointment as the new Managing Director of STO will likely garner public attention due to his controversial past. It remains to be seen how his leadership will shape the organization's future and whether his appointment will have any long-term implications for the Maldives' public sector.