Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Economic Ministry's Political Employees Salaries Exceed MVR 6 Lakh Per Month

The Maldives Journal has uncovered that the government is spending more than MVR 6 lakh per month on salaries for political employees in the economic ministry. The publication submitted a Right to Information (RTI) request to obtain these details, and the response showed that the ministry has 20 political employees, including the minister.
The breakdown of salaries for the political employees is as follows: two state ministers are paid MVR 43,500 each, four deputy ministers receive MVR 31,500 each, 11 senior executive directors receive MVR 25,500 each, and the Registrar of Companies and Consumer Ombudsman are paid MVR 31,500 each. This amounts to a total monthly salary of MVR 622,500.
Furthermore, the newspaper sought details of the expenditure on political workers in the transport and environment ministries, along with the economic ministry. It was revealed that MVR 6.3 million is allocated annually for political employees in the transport ministry and MVR 6.3 crore per annum for political employees in the environment ministry.

The increasing number of political workers in this government is now close to 2,000, which is the highest number of political workers in the country's history so far. This has raised concerns among the public about the government's spending priorities and the necessity of such a large number of political workers.