Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Political appointees

Ministry of Islamic Withholds Information on Political Appointees,

The Ministry of Islamic in the Maldives has come under scrutiny for its refusal to disclose crucial details about the political appointees currently serving within its ranks. This lack of transparency has ignited concerns regarding accountability and governance practices within the ministry, creating a pressing need for increased openness and public access to information.
When The Maldives Journal (TMJ) submitted a formal request for information regarding the political appointees at the Ministry of Islamic, the ministry responded in writing, redirecting the request to the President's Office. By evading the responsibility of providing the requested information, the ministry has avoided addressing the public's legitimate right to be informed about the individuals entrusted with key positions within the ministry.
In contrast to other ministries that have promptly complied with transparency requests, the Ministry of Islamic's refusal to disclose details about its political appointees not only undermines public trust but also raises concerns about potential irregularities or preferential treatment in the appointment process.
It is noteworthy that the current government of the Maldives boasts an extensive number of over 2000 political appointees, making it the administration with the highest number of such appointments in the country's history. Given the significant magnitude of these appointments, it becomes even more imperative to ensure transparency and accountability, guaranteeing that appointments are made based on merit and for the benefit of the Maldivian people.