Monday 26th Feb 2024
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Maldives National Defense Force

Commander Suspended Over Presidential Motorcade Protest Incident

The Maldives National Defence Force (MNDF) announced the suspension of Colonel Abdullah Ibrahim, the commander of the presidential guards, following a motorcade incident involving President Solih and opposition PPM protesters last night. Ibrahim's suspension comes amid an inquiry into the handling of the situation by the presidential guards, who are tasked with ensuring the president's safety.
Yesterday evening, supporters of the opposition PPM gathered outside the party's headquarters for a spirited demonstration. Coincidentally, President Solih's motorcade was passing by after attending an event in Hulhumale. The protesters staged a sit-in, effectively blocking the motorcade's path and forcing it to make a detour to bypass the obstruction.
In response to the incident, the MNDF has formed a special committee to investigate the events of last night. This committee was established by Defence Minister Mariya Didi on the advice of the senior leadership of the MNDF. The inquiry aims to determine whether proper protocol was followed and identify any potential security lapses.
While the investigation is ongoing, Major Ibrahim Haleem has been temporarily assigned as the head of the presidential guards. The MNDF has not provided a timeline for the inquiry's completion, but it is expected that the outcome will influence any further actions taken regarding the suspended commander and the presidential guard unit.