Monday 22nd Jul 2024
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Male' City council

Male' City Council Launches Smart Street Lights Initiative with Support from Yunan Province

The City Council of Male', in partnership with Yunan Province of China, has launched a new initiative to install 'Smart Street Lights' throughout the city. The project was inaugurated at an event held at the artificial beach on Monday, with Male city mayor Dr. Mohammed Muizzu and Mr. Zhuozin on behalf of Yunan Province in attendance.
According to the city council, the initiative will start with the installation of 10 poles of 'Smart Street Lights' from the Artificial Beach to Lonuziyaariay Park, with plans to expand the installation to other main and internal roads in the future.
Describing the features of the Smart Street Lights, Mayor Muizzu highlighted that they are equipped with free Wi-Fi, digital LED screens, speaker systems, CCTV cameras, and anchoring sensors that can detect climate change. He also noted that the poles will be used to display public messages, important community announcements, religious instructions, advice, and prayers.
Mayor Muizzu also shared that he plans to pass a regulation for commercial advertising, opening up opportunities for businesses to advertise through the Smart Street Lights. He further stated that complete control of the CCTV cameras would be in the hands of the Male' City Council, which would be monitored through the council's CCTV monitoring system. The footage recorded by the cameras can also be shared with the police, making the city a safer place.
The launch of the Smart Street Lights initiative has been met with enthusiasm from members of the public, who believe that it will enhance the city's overall infrastructure and provide greater convenience and safety for residents and tourists alike.
Speaking at the event, Mayor Muizzu expressed his gratitude to Yunan Province and the City Council of Yunnan for their generous gift to the city of Male'. He noted that the project was a significant step forward for the city and demonstrated the commitment of the council to improve the quality of life for its residents.