Friday 1st Mar 2024
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Ooredoo Maldives Sees Increased Revenue in 2022, Announces Higher Shareholder Payout

Last night at the Cross Roads Maldives, Ooredoo held its annual general meeting where it was announced that shareholders would be receiving MVR 3.04 per share from the company's profits earned in 2022. This decision was made after 87% of the 125 shareholders in attendance voted in favour of the increased payout.
Last year, the company paid out MVR 2.7 per share from its profits earned in 2021. This year's increase represents a significant rise in shareholder payout from the previous year.
Furthermore, during the meeting, the shareholders also passed the audited financial statements of the company. According to these financial statements, Ooredoo's revenue increased by 200 million in 2022 compared to the previous year.
Since Ooredoo's public listing in 2016, the highest payout for shareholders in the company's history was in 2019 when MVR 3.3 was given per share. During that year, Ooredoo had a profit of MVR 600 million.
The increased payout for shareholders reflects the continued growth and success of the company, which has seen consistent growth since its listing.